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Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 Electric Travel Guitar - Vintage Black

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This product is no longer available.
Guitar making pioneers ESP and Traveler Guitar have formed an unprecedented partnership in order to bring you The Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1, a full 24-inch-scale electric travel guitar based on LTD's best-selling EC series. With slick, LTD-inspired appointments and Traveler Guitars' innovative engineering, this guitar is the perfect travel companion for ESP players.

The ESP-designed ALH-200B active humbucker provides powerful drive and articulate tone, while the visual appointments offer tons of vibe. The Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 has a carved arch-top Mahogany body, locking tuning machines, gold anodized hardware, a beveled neck/ for easy access to high frets, an adjustable tune-o-matic style bridge, 6-ply binding, a bound neck, and LTD-style fingerboard inlays.

Traveler's proprietary In-Body Tuning System uses standard tuning machines relocated into the body, eliminating the need for a headstock. As a result, youll have the same full-scale playing experience youre used to on an instrument thats 24% shorter and 29% percent lighter than a comparable full-sized guitar.

The Traveler Guitar V2 headphone amplifier is built in, allowing you to shred at full volume without waking the neighbors. Cycle through clean, boost, overdrive and distortion tones using the custom tap-pot and listen through headphones or plug into your favorite amp. The guitar is also equipped with an aux-in so you can connect your mobile device and play along with your favorite tracks.

The Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 is the perfect solution for traveling players looking for a modern, high-gain guitar that's compact and comfortable.

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I read/watched as many reviews as I could for this guitar before I bought it. There aren't that many for this model. I was feeling pretty unsure about my purchase even as I punched in my code to pay for it. In the end I am very happy. No Regrets, whatsoever. I used to have a Baby Taylor. A great little acoustic guitar. But the pickup and tuner felt like they were a bit in the cheap side. It was a little bulky for 3/4 size guitar. The LTD ec-1 has a great active pickup that sounds great through my amp. Like a full size guitar. The onboard amp for the guitar is decent but could be better. The overdrive sounds kind of thick and muddy through my headphones but the cleans and distortion are great. The aux in is great for running backing tracks, metronome or songs from your phone. Full size neck on a small body guitar feels very natural. You might have to adjust a little but it practically plays the same as a full size guitar. It has no tuner but my snark clip-on fits right on the non-head. It could have had a built in tuner though. Ultimate travel practice guitar. I feel the quality is very good. It feels very sturdy when you hold it and even though it is light overall it still has enough weight to feel comfortable. The tuning heads have a smooth movement but felt a little stiff at first. Differently from what I read in reviews. This guitar stays in tune. I played it for just over 2hrs and it only went out a little on the strings I was bending repetitively. I also had it in Eb tuning and it held pretty well. The Frets and setup were pretty good right off the wall. It doesn't feel like a cheap piece of gear. Because it is most definitely not cheap. This guitar almost cost $1000. It is expensive for it's size. There are a ton of very decent and even great guitars in the $750 - 1000 range I could have bought. But none of those guitars can be comfortably played while sitting inside the cab of my work truck, although I do end up sitting a little bit more on the right side of the seat. You are paying for a truly portable guitar that plays like a full size, that can go anywhere and store just about anywhere. After the exchange rate from USD I can't imagine L&M are making a ton of money selling these. It may feel expensive, but it is fair. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. I can take it to work and practice/play it in my downtime. Every little session helps and it is always an arms length away. Which makes it easy to pick up and play anytime. I bought it to have around at all times so I could practice more. That is exactly what I'm doing and It can only help me get better at playing guitar. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Posted by Mike on Apr 4, 2017
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