Meinl 18'' Heavy Hammered China - Briliant

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Brilliant cymbals are polished up to six times to high gloss finish. Only in this manner can the unique appearance of Meinl's brilliant cymbals be guaranteed. These cymbals captivate with their reflective surfaces and bright, rich sound.

18" Heavy Hammered China
Heavily hand hammered Chinas with an aggressive and brash sound. Effective for riding, accenting and effects.

Size: 18"
Type: China
Weight: Heavy
Material: B20
Finish: Brilliant
Production Method: Hand Hammered
Lathe: Narrow Blade
Made In Turkey
Timbre: Bright
Character: Aggressive, Penetrating
Pitch: Mid-Bright, Tonally Rich
Volume: High
Sustain: Medium to Long
Styles: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio
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18' Heavy Hammered China - Briliant