ReedJuvinate Single Reed Preservation System

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ReedJuvinate is a unique woodwind reed preservation system that prolongs the life of your saxophone and clarinet reeds, eliminates microbial contamination of your reed, and maintains the perfect moisture level so your reeds are instantly ready to play beautifully. The reeds are at the perfect moisture level and kept sterile by a humidifying them with evaporated Listerine.

The ReedJuvinate system lets you fine tune the water level of your reeds, avoiding the dry - wet - dry cycle that breaks reeds down. A ReedJuvinate reed is a stable reed that is immediately ready to play well for you.


• Fits all reed sizes
• Convenient magnetic holder keeps ReedJuvinate within easy reach
• Stable Humidity + Reed Sterility + Ethanol Fixation = Reed Longevity
• Longer reed life, saves money

Includes :

- 1 Water and air tight antiseptic holder
- "Fits all sizes" reed clip holder stores 3 of any soprano, alto, tenor, bari sax; Bb soprano, A, alto clarinet, and bass clarinet reeds
- 2 reed Clips to store an additional 2 soprano clarinet or alto sax reeds
- 1 Humidity stabilizer sponge
- 1 Custom epoxy/nickel-plated rare earth magnet for music stands and chair legs
- 1 Lanyard
- Instructions for use
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How to use ReedJuvinate