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Profiler PowerRack + Remote Bundle

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Profiler PowerRack + Remote Bundle
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The Kemper Profiler PowerRack adds a built in 600 watt power amp to the Profiler concept, making it perfect for use in studio, and on stage.

With the Kemper Profiler, guitar players are free to create the most individual tones, reflecting the very essence of their playing style, and then capture these exact sounds into the digital domain with Kemper's unique technology. Profiling is as simple as plugging your tube amp into the Kemper Profiler and pressing record. Just insert the Kemper Profiling amplifier into the recording chain and it will do its magic. Test signals will be sent from the Kemper Profiler Amplifier into your tube amp and recorded by the microphone in front of your cabinet. You dont even have to play your guitar. After less than a minute the Kemper Profiler acquires the sonic DNA of your tube amp and offers you the resulting custom profile. You can then use the A/B comparison mode to compare original tube amp sound with the profiled sound.This gives you a fast and convenient way to make final tweaks to the profile to get it exactly right. Dozens of pro-grade onboard effects and stomp boxes can be used to spice up the profiles.

Both the Rack and the Head (black version only) are available with a build in Class D power amp. It produces 600 Watt @ 8 Ohm or 300 Watt @ 16 Ohm. The power amp offers pristine sound quality running linear speakers, as well as running classic guitar speaker cabinets. The Class D technique makes the most energy efficient power amp solution, emitting only a minimum of heat. The combination with the Kemper Profiler turns the PowerHead and the PowerRack into a super smart and compact all-in solution. The PowerHead weights a little over 6kg.

The Profiler Rack has a 19" enclosure. It offers the same feature set as the Profiler Head. The only difference is the absence of the LED collars around the controls on the bottom line (except gain) as well as the two controls for the MOD section. Those controls were omitted to fit the entire unit into only 3 height units.

The Kemper Profiler Remote is the quintessential foot controller for your Profiler. It's a versatile and yet easy to operate floor board. The tight integration in between Profiler and Remote allows you to control, administer and program without any knowledge about MIDI or delving through cryptic data sheets.


• Profiler allows you to capture the sonic DNA of any amp with the press of a single button
• 600 watt power amp makes it perfect for use in studio, and on stage.
• Ships with hundreds of amp and rig profiles already installed.
• Full Profiler functionality in 3U 19" Rack format
• Large, illuminated display.
• Dedicated buttons to access the tuner, tap tempo in and enable the new, exclusive Looper Effect.
• Hands-free operation using Remote.
• Up to four continuous foot pedals can control multiple parameters inside your Profiler.
• Five buttons allow you to directly access five different programs ("Rigs") and entire performance programs can be switched using a bank system.
• Rig Exchange database on Kemper's website lets you download profiles and rigs from fellow users.
• Remote connects via a single Ethernet cable to your Profiler.
• No extra power supply in needed and the included cable is 7 meters long (21ft).


• The Amp Definition parameter determines whether the Profile leans more towards a vintage or modern character. Increase this parameter to intensify the touch response of the virtual tubes.
• Power Sagging: this parameter lets the tubes breathe with your playing; damped strings will have more chug, and clean, picked notes will cut through better when you reduce your playing volume.
• The Pick parameter controls the attack of your pick independently of the gain setting - even through heavy distortion. This innovative parameter lets you decouple your pick sound from the natural compression of the distorting tubes and cut right through the mix.
• The Amp Compressor will sustain the clean guitar when you play soft, but lets the distorted sound through, unprocessed, when you revert back to normal playing volume.
• The Cabinet Voicing parameters give you access to the guts and the character of the cabinet. You can change the size of your virtual cabinet, tune the bass resonance or control the tonal character in an creative way.


PowerHead and PowerRack:
600 Watts at 8 Ohm
300 Watts at 16 Ohm

S/PDIF In/Out 44.1 kHz (24 bit) with RCA Phone connectors (Master only)

Front Input: inch TS unbalanced, dynamic range >108dB, impedance 1 MegOhm
Alternative Input: inch TRS balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105dB
Return: XLR balanced, inch balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105dB

Master L and R Outputs: XLR balanced, 1/4 inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level: XLR +22dBu, TS +16dBu
Monitor Output: 1/4 inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level: +16dBu
Direct Output/Send: 1/4 inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level: +16dBu
Output Dynamic Range: > 108 dB
Dedicated Headphone Output: 1/4 inch TRS stereo, 33Ohm

Midi: 5-pin DIN commectors for In/Out/Thru
Switch/Pedal: Two inch TRS, each for mono/stereo switch or expression pedal (10kOhm min, 100kOhm max. impedance)
Network: RJ45 connector
USB: USB 2.0 (FS) compatible device, USB-A and USB-B connectors

Line Voltage: 100-125 or 190-245V. AC, max. 10. A
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase

Operating Temperature: 10 to 35 C (50 to 95 F)
Non-operating Temperature: -20 to 47 C (-4 to 116 F)
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Maximum Altitudet: 3000 m (10,000 feet)

Rack/PowerRack (H x W x D): 13.9 x 48.3 x 22 cm (5.47 x 19 x 8.66 inches)

PowerRack: 6,18 kg (13.62 pounds)

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Imagine Owning Every Guitar Amp In The World 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful

Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Cambridge, Ontario
Imagine owning every guitar amp in the world. They're all in pristine condition. They never need maintenance. Their is virtually no storage cost or wear and tear associated with owning all these amps. There are over 17,000 amps on Kemper's Rig Exchange Website free to download and install on your computer or in the Unit itself. They're all ready to go in any recording set up at the push of a few buttons. And, here's the best part, they're absolutely indistinguishable from the original, or to use Kemper's terms, the "reference" amps from which they're profiled. That's what your getting with a Kemper. How they managed to do all that is beyond me, but it's an understatement to call it a marvel of Engineering Genius. The only niggling little drawback I experienced was that the first Kemper I purchased was the lunch box style head with no power amp section and I found the AC connector to be extremely hard to connect securely. Even a slight bump caused a power interruption. Very annoying and totally unacceptable on a unit costing over $2,000.00.
I contacted Kemper about the problem and they assured me that every Kemper uses the same AC connector but frankly that wasn't my experience at all. But since that didn't dissuade me from the whole Kemper experience I went ahead and exchanged the non powered Kemper Lunch Box style head for this powered rack with remote unit and couldn't be happier. Yes there was a restocking fee associated with the exchange but it was worth the extra little cost and hassle.
The Kemper powered Rack with Remote is an absolutely amazing piece of Gear! And in my opinion completely dispenses with need of owning an entire amp collection to record with. There is really nothing on the market that's topped it in my opinion, and I've heard em all.
Posted by Pat L on Jul 29, 2021
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Worth every penny, inspiring 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful

Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Windsor, Ontario
Although I'm fairly young I've owned vintage tube amps all my life, fender, marshall, vox, peavey, traynor etc. I've always been a tube purist. Well I had 5 amps sitting here at one point and was taking up way too much room and you cant play them all at once. Started researching for something like an all in one type deal. Bought this powerrack and remote and wow is all I can say. Has a learning curve but it is so versatile and very good sounding. The stock profiles are ok, but it really opened up when i bought a few commercial packs. Tone is great, feel is real, pretty hassle free. Sounds great an any volume. Through an frfr speaker or a traditional guitar cab is sounds great. 10/10 from me.
Posted by Steve G on Dec 23, 2018
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BEST PIECE OF GEAR YOU WILL EVER BUY. PERIOD. 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful

Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Stratford, Ontario
I have owned my Kemper rack for just over 1 year. This is an incredibly capable unit and endless in the tone/sound options you can get. It is pricey, but WELL WORTH IT. I basically sold off all my other gear because this does a better job than the rest of my old rig.
You can't go wrong with a Kemper!
Posted by Karl Jones on Apr 8, 2018
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