Intellijel Atlantis

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Width: 40hp
Power: 214mA @ +12V; ; 196mA @ -12V

Main features:

• Modulation VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync and Link switch to connect pitch to primary
• Primary VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync, Octave switches, Linear/Exp FM and PWM
• Global modulation bus with four VCO waveforms, noise and S&H options
• Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter
• Looping ADSR with range switch, manual gate, and external level (velocity) control.
• Three position output clipping circuit
8 27 jacks for creative and complex patching options
• Header on back of pcb that allows it to be linked (normalled) to the Intellijel Metropolis sequencer
• Skiff Friendly
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