Quad VCA

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Quad VCA
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Width: 12hp
Power: 65 mA @ +12 V65 mA @ -12 V

• Manual LEVEL control per VCA which is convenient when using the module as a mixer or for biasing when CV modulating the VCA with a bipolar LFO.
• Dedicated CV attenuators with dual colour LEDs for monitoring bipolar CV signals.
• Continuously adjustable response from linear to exponential per VCA.
• Each CV input is normalled to the adjacent one for cascaded control.
• Each output is normalled to the mix input of the adjacent one which allows you to use adjacent sets as submixes or the fourth output can be used as a master mix output when none of the other outputs are patched.
• Each VCA has a boost switch that increases the output level by approximately +6dB (double).


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