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Drawmer SL22 2-Channel Speaker and Headphone Limiter

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The Drawmer SL22 Sound Level Limiter is the perfect tool for protecting against excessive noise levels - whether it is to protect your speakers, protect your hearing, or adhere to noise regulations. The SL22 Sound Limiter offers strict level control and tremendous peace of mind.

Prevents the damage to speaker chassis drivers and amplifier electronics by catching unwanted signals such as 'bangs' and 'pops'. Whether in a large arena with a p.a. system and multiple speakers, or a bar or theatre, there are few things more troublesome than blowing a speaker cone or amplifier electronics. The SL22 has been specifically designed to transparently catch those unwanted SPLs and protect your gear.

Key Features:

  • Limited speaker and headphone outputs

  • Once installed and calibrated, completely eliminates the possibility of 'unauthorized' volume levels

  • No sound quality loss even during protection processing

  • Large LED level indication for 'at a glance' monitoring of signals and warnings

  • Time delay relays on outputs for clean power up/down

  • Fast, simple installation

  • Tamper-proof plate limits access to settings

  • A security label is supplied to further secure the calibration settings and show evidence of tampering

  • Tamper-Proof bracket (sold separately) to lock-in the XLRs and conform to Local Authority regulations.

  • External control of Dim and Mute for connection to Fire Alarms or remote operation

  • Trigger output when in PROTECT mode

  • Logging inputs for both ALERT and PROTECT statuses


Input Impedance: 20k Ohms

Output Impedance: 100R
Headphone Output Impedance: 110R
Gain Range @ Output: -30dBu to +44dBu
Recommended Output Level: 0dBu
Crosstalk: > 90dB at 10k Hz
Noise: -93.5dB (Unity gain / 22Hz-22kHz)

Power Requirements: 115 Volt or 230 Volt at 50-60Hz, 9VA

Fuse: CONFORMS TO IEC127-2. 230V=T63mA, 115V=T125mA.

Dimensions: 482mm(W) x 44mm (H) x 190mm(D)

Weight: 2.2kg
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