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TV Jones TV Classic Plus Bridge Pickup w/ Clip System - Chrome

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Midrange Attitude

The TV Classic Plus is a great choice if you desire a bridge pickup with more punch. This bridge position only pickup is wound with thinner magnet wire, giving you more output and midrange growl. The TV Classic Plus is like a vintage Filter'Tron pickup but with extra attitude.

Bridge: Features two standard bobbins wound with thinner magnet wire and with wider pole-to-pole spacing to provide a good balance of output and clarity.
DC Resistance: 7.8K | Inductance: 2.83H

Similar to a TV Classic bridge but warmer and less clarity.

Ships with 2 wood screws, compression rubber, 2 humbucker screws with springs and clips. Rings for suspending pickup sold separately.

*Ships with 4 conductor wiring - ready for standard 2 conductor hook-up. Red and green wires are soldered and taped off for standard wiring - send red and green wires to ground for splitting coils. Splitting coils is not recommended for the TV Classic due to lower coil power (but will work). However, it is convenient for custom switching. Example: where coils from other pickups are combined in series, or parallel. ​
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