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TC Electronic Iron Curtain Noise Gate

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Iron Curtain is a classic, simple no-nonsense noise gate with intuitive controls, high quality components and zero tolerance for any unwanted noise in your signal - only the purest tone is welcome in the noise-free republic!

  • Simple and effective noise gate

  • All-analog circuitry

  • True Bypass

High Quality Analog Circuitry

Some old amplifiers or some venues just have a lot inherent noise. If the dynamics of your playing is important to you, going from a soft touch with barely audible notes and up to blasting the roof off, a good noise gate can help you keep that sonic image sharp and crisp.

Iron Curtain is built on a classic all-analog circuit that will keep out any unwanted noise from your rig while letting your tone pass through completely unscathed.

Simplicity and Effectivity

Featuring just a Threshold knob and a Decay knob, using Iron Curtain is simpler than most overdrive pedals.

This 2-knob operation makes it easy to dial in a silent, responsive guitar sound whether you're going for a grinding metal tone with all the gain or you're simply playing in an old building with ample stage lighting, using old single coils.

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It does what a noise gate should do and does it well. Very good for playing heavier stuff where you would need everything to be clear and punchy. Not many controls but I didn't find that to be a problem
Posted by Kody on Apr 7, 2018
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Iron Curtain Noise Gate - Official Product Video