Paiste Signature 18 Inch Thin China
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Paiste Signature 18 inch Thin China

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The sound character of the Paiste Signature Thin China is fairly trashy, bright attack, and low wash. Has a wide frequency range and fairly clean mix. Size range allows everything from quick accents to complex ride playing. Expect an explosive response and fast fade.
Looks: Variety of surface structures and looks - Hammering and lathing patterns range from complex to delicate - Elegant, classic black silk screening
Background: In 1989, Paiste wanted to create the ultimate cymbal sound with traditionally typical Paiste characteristics and expanded sound horizons beyond 1980's cymbal program
Innovation: First cymbal series created from patented bronze specifically developed for cymbals
Alloy: Patented signature bronze
Quality: Professional
Production: Manual Craftsmanship - Hand Hammering, Hand Lathing, Proprietary Methods
Applications: All volume settings - Live and Recording - Entire range of music styles
Working Musicians and demanding players with precise requirements who need fully developed model character in their cymbals will love the Paiste Thin China.
Recognition: Received widespread critical acclaim - Generally accepted as the ultimate in characteristic Paiste Sound

Paiste Signature Thin China Cymbal Features:

• Weight: medium
• Volume: soft to medium loud
• Stick Sound: washy
• Intensity: lively
• Sustain: medium short
• Bell Character: integrated
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