Mountain Peak Music Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Euphonium - Vining - Book

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Composer: David Vining
Format: Book
Instrumentation: 2 Euphoniums

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Euphonium by David Vining is appropriate for euphonium players at all levels.

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets provides a fun and effective way to improve sight reading. The 100 duets are progressively arranged so every skill level is addressed, and there are a wide variety of styles, keys, time signatures, and other musical requirements for plenty of diversity.

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets comes in trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and tuba editions designed to coordinate with one another. If you have the euphonium edition, for example, you can play along with a trombonist who has the trombone edition or a tuba player with the tuba edition. The only exception is duet #55, which is specific to each instrument.

Whether you play these duets with a friend or a teacher, sight reading with a partner provides an incentive for playing each duet without stopping because you don't want to let down your partner. Using this simple principle and providing additional tips and advice for improvement, this book addresses a skill so important and so lacking for so many musicians.

Stop dreading sight reading-learn the secrets to reading music at first sight accurately every time with help from The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets.

124 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand.

"Far too many musicians feel comfortable saying they are not good at sight reading. You have to work at it just like any other skill and this book is the best approach yet to becoming a great sight reader." - Andrew Hitz, Soloist, Professor, Clinician, Speaker, Music Business Consultant and Co-Founder of Pedal Note Media. Former tuba player for the Boston Brass.
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