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BowStopper BowStopper for Violin/Viola - Black

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The BowStopper Device is an educational device designed to advance and develop in the novice string player excellent bow skills and control. It is a snap-on device that clamps onto the bow without adding additional weight or affecting the stroke of the bow. It forces the string player to restrict movement beyond a certain point while automatically teaching the student bow distribution.

How it works:
1. Clamp the BowStopper onto the bow.
2. Place the BowStopper closer to the tip to develop bow technique in the upper part of the bow.
3. Place the BowStopper closer to the frog to learn playing at the most difficult part of the bow.
4. Place 2 BowStoppers to isolate the center section for techniques such as detache.

Made in the USA.
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