Fender Adjustable Guitar Stand

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Fender's adjustable guitar stand conveniently showcases your acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Height-adjustable neck yoke comfortably accepts various instrument sizes, lower support swivels to accommodate standard and offset body styles, metal construction is durable enough for road use, and padded yokes won't harm nitrocellulose instrument finishes. Easily collapsible for convenient transport.

• Height-adjustable neck yoke
• Sturdy metal construction
• Scratch-resistant foam padding
• Easily collapsible for transport

Good stand but Yorkville Sound makes a better one you might want to consider5 of 5 customers found this review helpful

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Closest StoreToronto (Bloor St.), Ontario
I own two of these stands. Good features and design for the price. In my view most people would be better served by the similar Yorkville Sound stand model GS-125B, notwithstanding the fact that the Yorkville model is double the price.
First the good. I like the fact that these stands support the instrument at the bottom rather than hanging from the headstock like some stands. This design takes the load off the adjustment clutch, preventing sag with heavier instruments. It also means that instruments with smaller headstocks such as Telecasters are held securely. Fender also advertises this model as kind to nitro-cellulose finishes; a really important feature for many with vintage or high-end instruments.
Having said that, this Fender stand is less stable than the similar Yorkville model. Especially with a larger instrument such as a full scale bass you will want to be sure to set the instrument to the rear of the bottom supports and be sure to place it out of traffic areas in your home or on stage.
My Fender stands came with rubberized 'keepers' at the neck yokes - I don't see them in this listing though it's the same part number. That keeper comes off quite easily, however. I expect it's very likely to get lost if you're transporting your stand from place to place rather than just using it at home. The Yorkville stand has a permanently mounted and better secured device for keeping the instrument on the stand should it get bumped.
In conclusion, I don't dislike this stand and it has good features for the price, but I won't be purchasing any more given the Yorkville model that I prefer.
Posted by Tom Cordery on Nov 28, 2020
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