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Alfred Publishing How Does it Sound Now?

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Legendary Engineers and Vintage Gear
This book interviews 25 of the most famous previous and current audio engineers, including Phil Ramone, Eliot Sheiner, George Massenberg, Al Schmitt, and many more, and explores their use, methodology, and in some cases, invention of classic analog recording hardware. This gear, so new and innovative in the sixties and seventies, is still coveted by many audio professionals as vintage or classic gear today. These engineers lived through and defined the transition from analog to solid state to digital, combining new and old every step of the way. A priceless addition to the bibliography of audio books for its inclusion of the wisdom of these engineers.

Features interviews with top engineers and their past and present use of analog equipment that's still popular today.
Explains how popular music from the sixties and seventies was created using vintage recording gear that appears primitive today.
Includes best practices on how to incorporate analog gear into today's digital rigs.
Helps ensure the legacy of successful engineers is passed along to the engineers of tomorrow.
Interviews with: Chapter 1: Alan Parsons; Chapter 2: Chuck Ainlay; Chapter 3: Ed Cherney; Chapter 4: Marc Aubort; Chapter 5: Bob Ludwig; Chapter 6: Leanne Ungar; Chapter 7: Jim Malloy; Chapter 8: Geoff Emerick; Chapter 9: Don Puluse; Chapter 10: Gary Chester; Chapter 11: Al Schmitt; Chapter 12: Glen Snoddy; Chapter 13: Bob Katz; Chapter 14: Danny Leake; Chapter 15: Leslie Mona-Mathus; Chapter 16: Steve Epstein; Chapter 17: Lou Bradley; Chapter 18: Jim Reeves; Chapter 19: Dave Moulton; Chapter 20: Ben Wisch; Chapter 21: Paul Stubblebine; Chapter 22: Cowboy Jack Clement; Chapter 23: Elliot Scheiner; Chapter 24: Bill Schulenburg; Chapter 25: Bob Clearmountain; Chapter 26: Gene Eichelberger; Chapter 27: Fred Breitberg; Chapter 28: Frank Filipetti; Chapter 29: Jim Anderson; Chapter 30: Bil VornDick; Chapter 31: Phil Ramone I 2009, 468 apges.
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