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Korg KR-55 Pro Multi-Function Rhythm Machine

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Numerous rhythm patterns built into a practical interface! The new KR-55 Pro is a multi-function rhythm machine that's also equipped with mixer/recorder functionality.

Experience the same musical support as if a pro drummer were sitting in on your session. The KR-55 Pro gives you an easy way to enjoy jam sessions with the backing of real drum/percussion sounds. It provides a rich variety of input jacks, mixer functionality, effects, and equalizer, as well as a versatile recorder that can record to an SD card. The intuitive interface means that there's no need for complex programming. Battery-powered operation allows complete mobility from desktop to street performances, or use in a variety of situations including live events in small spaces.

• 24 built-in drum/percussion styles that were recorded live using KORG's proprietary "Real Groove Technology"
• Each rhythm style includes a rich variety of patterns: two variations, basic, fill-in 1, fill-in 2, and ending
• Use the chain function to create a rhythm structure for an entire song, and play it automatically
• A rich array of input jacks includes one XLR mic input, two guitar/bass inputs, and a stereo AUX input, allowing multi-channel mixing
• A high-quality reverb effect and equalizer are provided, giving you the freedom to shape your sound
• You can perform along with a rhythm style, and record the combined result as an audio file on an SD card
• Multi-track recording is supported, allowing you to produce more sophisticated tracks
• The tuner function features a large meter for good visibility. You can also tune while hearing a guide tone
• Acoustage technology creates a unique personal acoustic space. Using only front stereo speakers, it can generate a three-dimensional acoustic experience that is unobtainable from previous systems.
• The unit can be powered on six AA batteries, allowing up to seven hours of use
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KORG KR-55 Pro: a Comprehensive Rhythm and Drum Machine