EMG 85 X Series Humbucker Pickup

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85 X Series Humbucker Pickup
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The 85X provides increased headroom giving the voicing an organic and open tone while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMGs are renowned for. Featuring close aperture coils loaded with Alnico V magnets and powered by a newly designed preamp, the 85X is a powerful pickup with exceptional tone and versatility across the spectrum. The Alnico magnets give a warm growl and velvet lead tones that enable you to play the deepest of blues to the most extreme metal. Try it in the bridge position for exceptional smoothness and soul. This pickup pairs well with just about every other humbucker in our line. Give it a try and experience why the X factor is exciting players all around the world.

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If you have the regular 85 EMG pickup and want more "openess" , clarity and so forth than you think is possible this is the best solution if you're a hardcore EMG fan. they improved the preamp in this pickup making it more full of life put into words simply. Installation is extremely easy , this pickup is wire solderless and works with any emg pickup that is solderless , so even guitars made in or around 2003. Back before these existed you would have to put two 9 volt batteries in your guitar to achieve this sound but no more because let's face it how many of us have that kind of room without modifying our guitars ... pretty much only Les Paul guys and anyone with a pickguard. If I was building a guitar or getting a custom shop guitar made by a small company (better quality) and I had to pick EMG I would go with the X series any day of the week. Also.. be sure to try this in the bridge position if you're a fan of the 707 pickup they designed for the 7 string it's the same thing but one pole piece less. The 85 has more output too which is interesting , it's growing more and more popular to have in the bridge.. so with an X series who could go wrong.
Posted by anonymous on Sep 8, 2013
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