Legere European Scrape Synthetic Oboe Reed - Medium/Soft

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The Lgre European Scrape Oboe reed is the first synthetic orchestral-grade oboe reed ever produced. It can be played for hours before needing rotation and can last up to six to twelve months. It is warm, stable to upper registers, playable out of the box, and will never respond to climate conditions. It is recommended for Oboe players of all experience levels.

The total length of the reed is 69.8-70.2 mm and plays at 440-442 Hz depending on the positioning in the reed well. The O-ring diameter has been sized to fit most common oboe wells, however in uncommon instances they may be too large for older instruments. The O-ring colours also dictate the strength of the reed: green for Medium-Soft, yellow for Medium and blue for Medium-Hard. A black O-ring is formerly Medium-Hard and no longer available. Medium-Hard reeds now have a blue O-ring.

• Orchestral-grade Synthetic reed
• Will last for months with proper care, providing a beautiful tone with no pre-moistening required
• Initial aperture between 0.68-0.72 mm
• Reed length: 69.8-70.2 mm
• Designed to fit most common oboe wells
• Available in 3 strengths: Medium-Soft (green), Medium (yellow) and Medium-Hard (blue)
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