Vic Firth

For nearly 60 years, Vic Firth has been manufacturing the world's most popular drumsticks and mallets.

The brand was built on the idea that no drummer or percussionist should settle. You can see it in our quality and attention to detail. You can feel it in any of our 200+ varieties of sticks and mallets that range in length, taper, tip, and material, designed so you can find the perfect pair to match your style and hands. It doesn't end there. Vic Firth continues to innovate by developing new products, new technologies, and new designs to deliver the durability and feel you need to unlock your next level performance.

Made for Drummers

We are drummers and musicians. From the factory floor all the way to our global artist family, Vic Firth products are informed, invented, made, and tested by players just like you. And just like you, we know that no two pairs of hands are the same. That's why our catalog ranges from thick to thin, long to short, tacky to smooth, and everything in between. Whether your stage is the rock club, the concert hall, the football field or the practice room, we're focused on delivering the right instruments for you.

How it's Made Matters

Vic Firth has set the standard for how drumsticks and mallets are made, right here in the USA. From the way the wood is dried, to centerless grinding, all the way to how each pair of sticks is weight-matched and pitch-paired, every detail matters. Blending the consistency of technology and machines, with the discerning eyes and ears of drummers and experts, it's this attention to detail that yields the perfect blend of durability, feel, and sound.

Vic Firth's Global Family

The Vic Firth family spans the Globe. With a long history of partnering with the world's top drummers, percussionists, and educators, Vic Firth continues to collaborate with musicians across all countries and genres, to innovate in new spaces like product and education, to meet the demands of musicians today and tomorrow.

Made for You

Vic Firth is designed to meet your needs as a musician. With a focus on quality and durability, and an expansive catalog of drumsticks, mallets, brushes, implements, and more, it'll be easy to find your perfect pair with Vic Firth.

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Products 80 - 100  of 386