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Gallien-Krueger - NEO410/4
Model: NEO410/4
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Serial: JC1814A01102577
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Neo series cabinets offer high performance and feather weight portability. Featuring GKs Paragon cast-frame Neodymium loudspeakers, they provide high power output at a fraction of the weight of traditional designs. There is plenty of definition in the highs and mids and abundant punchy low end. Special bracing has been incorporated to eliminate standing waves while providing rock solid structural support to reduce cabinet resonance. All models feature high quality horns, black Tolex, custom interlocking corners, lightweight poplar construction and GKs innovative Horn Bi-Amp System. The Neo 410 includes nickel plated removable casters.

The Gallien-Krueger Neo 410 is a bass speaker cabinet that offers you high-powered performance without breaking your back during transport. Part of G-K's Neo Series speaker cabinets, at the Neo 410 cab's core are 4 10" GK Paragon cast-frame Neodymium loudspeakers. The speakers maintain high power output while producing silky-smooth natural tone with consistent response from top to bottom. And they've been designed with reduced weight for your gigging convenience. Removable casters help you move the cab easily.

The Neo410 speaker cab provides plenty of definition in the highs and mids with an abundance of fat, punchy low end. This bass cab may be used in standard full-range operation or with GK's innovative Horn Bi-Amp System. Special chambering and bracing have been incorporated in the cabinet design to eliminate standing waves so that nothing gets in the way of your performance. Other features include a high-quality horn, black Tolex covering, recessed spring-loaded handles, rugged steel grille, custom interlocking corners and 11-ply poplar construction.

* GK Paragon cast-frame neodymium loudspeakers
* Special chambering and bracing
* High-quality horn
* Black Tolex covering Recessed spring-loaded handles
* Rugged steel grille
* Custom interlocking corners
* 11-ply poplar construction
* Removable castors
* 4 ohms
* 800 watts

Height: 23.5"
Depth: 18.5"
Width: 26.5"
Weight: 68 lbs