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At the Piano: Mozart
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15 Well-Known Original Pieces in Progressive Order

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Editor: Sylvia Hewig-Troscher
Format: Softcover
Instrumentation: Piano

This volume opens with especially easy minuets written by Mozart when he was just eight years old. A successful mix of well-known and unusual pieces leads the player all the way to the profound Fantasy in d minor. A special feature here is the C-major study, which has not been available in any Henle edition until now. Selected individual movements from Mozart's piano sonatas show the stylistic and emotional breadth and subtlety of his music, and offer manifold opportunities to practice and overcome specific technical challenges.

  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1e
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 5
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 6
  • Piece from the "London Music Book" F major KV 15hh
  • Kontretanz "The Thunderstorm", Versions A and B D major KV 534
  • Etude C major KV 626b/48
  • 1st movement (Allegro) from Piano Sonata (Facile) C major KV 545
  • 3rd movement (Rondo) from Piano Sonata (Facile) C major KV 545
  • 1st movement (Adagio) from Piano Sonata E flat major KV 282
  • 1st movement (Allegro) from Piano Sonata G major KV 283
  • 2nd movement (Andante cantabile) from Piano Sonata C major KV 330
  • 2nd movement (Menuetto) from Piano Sonata A major KV 331
  • 12 Piano Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je Maman" KV 265 (300e)
  • 3rd movement (Allegretto) from Piano Sonata B flat major KV 570
  • Fantasy d minor KV 397 (385g)