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Marshall - JMD50
Model: JMD50
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This amp is a sleeper! Great sounds, programmable versatility, and excellent bang for the buck!

The Marshall JDM50 is a 50watt guitar amplifier head which is a combination of revolutionary digital pre amplification and the awesome power of a Marshall EL34 power stage.

The JMD-50 delivers a variety of amplifier topologies in full high definition using exclusive technology developed in conjunction with SOFTUBE, a leading digital development company.

The JMD-50 is loaded with 16 possible preamplifier variants, onboard modulation, noise gate, delay and reverb sections and has the ability to silently record through an emulated output, play through headphones or along with your Mp3 player.

Not only can the JMD-50 perform on a stage but because of all of these features it also excels in a studio or home recording environment as well. A 6-way footswitch is included with the ability to store 28 presets amongst other features.

The Main Features of the Marshall JDM50 Include:

* 50Watt Valve Amp with 2X EL34 Power Stage
* 16 Digital Natural Harmonic Technology Preamplifier Topologies
* Comprehensive Effects including- Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo ,Noise Gate and Independent Custom-voiced Reverb
* Tap Tempo controlled HiFi Analogue, Tape and Multi delays
* Effects Loop
* Midi Control (in and thru)
* Stompware Controller Supplied
* Line out with Speaker Emulation
* Headphone Out
* Preamp Out
* Speaker Out