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ART Pro Audio - TRANSX
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Art's third-generation discrete preamp, the TransX, is a 2-channel mic preamplifier that combines Jensen mic-input transformers and custom output transformers with discrete, high-performance preamplification circuits for a clean, authoritative sound that belies the unit's modest price tag. The TransX also features per-channel high-impedance instrument inputs and variable impedance on the XLR inputs for mic optimization and tonal shaping.


* Jensen mic input transformer blocks radio frequencies and other noise
* Custom output transformers minimize ground noise and maintain level for both balanced and unbalanced connections
* Discrete low noise, low-THD audio path
Low-noise, direct-coupled, high-impedance instrument inputs per-channel
* XLR inputs with variable impedance for mic optimization and tonal shaping
* Rotary switches for precision and accurate recall
* Gain trim function allows precise gain adjustment
* 20dB pads for high-level XLR input signals
* Polarity-reverse switches
* Auto-muting outputs
* Per-channel ground-lifts