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Jupiter - JCL700N
Model: JCL700N
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The Jupiter JCL700N (formerly the 637N) student model clarinet is considered by many to be the best clarinet for a beginner band student. This clarinet is made of an ABS resin body. Some advantages of this over a wood clarinet are that it is less expensive and not susceptible to cracking in changing humidity conditions. The C/G key riser was ergonomically designed with comfort in mind. An adjustable thumb rest and adjustable neck strap give the player more flexibility to set up his or her clarinet for comfort. This Jupiter beginner clarinet package also comes with sturdy case to provide protection for the instrument.


* Student Bb clarinet
* ABS resin, matte finish, nickel silver bell ring
* .583" Bore, Offset Trill Keys, 65mm barrel
* Specially designed C/G key riser
* Forged nickel-plated nickel silver keys
* Undercut tone holes
* Adjustable thumb rest, adjustable neck strap
* Includes mouthpiece and case