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Traynor - SB106
Model: SB106
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The newest edition to the extremely popular Small Block line is the most compact fully featured combo bass amp Traynor has ever built to date.

At an unbelievable 9 by 12-inches and weighing in under 15 lbs, the 200-watt Traynor SB106 combo uses a studio monitor quality 6.5-inch speaker in its solid plywood and metal cabinet to deliver unmatched tone for close monitoring on controlled stages. Fully featured for professional bass players needing a small, lightweight but powerful amplifier solution, the SB106 offers both Passive and Active 1/4 inch Instrument Inputs, selectable Pre or Post EQ XLR DI Output for direct connect to front-of-house mixer and an additional 1/4 inch Speaker Output to drive an additional extension cabinet when necessary (4-ohm minimum).

Built with the practicing musician in mind, the Traynor SB106's rear mounted 1/4 inch headphone jack defeats the internal speaker for private rehearsal. An 1/8th inch TRS Auxiliary In jack also on the rear of the amp allows direct connection to any music source making the SB106 your ideal practice companion.


- Ultra-Compact and Lightweight Design
- All-Metal Amp Chassis with Combination Plywood and Steel Cabinet
- Versatile 4-band EQ with Additional Low Frequency Expander
- Passive and Active Inputs
- Selectable Pre / Post XLR DI Output
- Headphone Output / Stereo Line Input
- Made in Canada