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Fox - MODEL 220
Model: MODEL 220
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Renard Artist Model 220 Bassoon

A solid performer since its introduction in 1972, the Renard Artist 220 is a popular choice that features consistent range, stability and a warm, even tone. It is acoustically patterned after the Fox Model II. The 220 is a great economical choice for students, hobbyists and schools.

The 220 starts with a stunning Black Maple long-bore body- selected for its tone and durability and aged in Fox facilities. The body includes lining in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint and finished with a body lock and French bell (metal ring). The nickel silver-plated German key system includes high D and high E keys, ring key for wing joint third finger hole, rollers on F, Ab, Eb and Db; right thumb Bb and F# in combination with a crowned E key and Bb guard. Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing and boot joints prevent water from entering the tone holes. All spring posts are locked with screws. Each instrument is indevidually hand tuned to A=440 for maximum resonance and projection.

* Select, aged Black Maple body
* French (metal) bell ring
* Lining in the wing and small bore of the boot
* Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore
* Body lock

Standard Keywork
* Full German key system with silver plating
* Rollers for right little finger F and Ab
* Rollers for left little finger Eb and Db
* Rollers for right thumb Bb and F#
* Right hand whisper key lock, type I
* High D and High E keys

* Two professional T bocals - #2 & #3 lengths
* Premium case with shoulder and backpack straps
* One high-quality bassoon reed
* Hand rest
* Neck strap and Seat strap
* Microfiber swabs for boot and wing
* Care cloth