Gear Hunter / Granite Percussion 3pc Junior Kit w/Cymbal

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Granite Percussion 3pc Junior Kit w/Cymbal
Model: GP-JR3MR
SKU: 420978
Serial: LP31071521
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Condition: Used

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Granite Percussion is gaining a reputation for having great products at truly affordable prices. The JR3 Junior 3-piece kit is an excellent example. Everything's there, even the sticks and a tuning key. Just set up and rock on!

Complete 3-Piece Kit Including:

* 1 x 12-inch Snare
* 1 x 10-inch Mounted Tom
* 1 x 16-inch Bass Drum
* 1 x 10-inch Crash Cymbal with Mounted Stand
* Bass Pedal, Snare Stand and Adjustable Throne

Additional Features:

* Rugged Chrome Lugs & Hardware
* Adjustable Bass Drum Spurs
* Black Hoops