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STAR is the flagship line for TAMA drums. As a drum shell material, Walnut's naturally EQ'ed tone has been praised by the drum community for both the stage and the studio. The STAR Walnut shells project booming low end with enough cut to be heard through any mix.

Every detail of the STAR drum line has been carefully considered to maximize resonance and optimize sound.


* Bearing Edge Shape with rounder peak for more and better contact between drumhead and shell. The edge is 3.5mm from the shell's outer surface, which further improves contact between the drumhead and drum.
* REMO drum heads
* Die-Cast Hoops provide crisper attack, greater projection and a more focused and powerful tone
* Hold Tight™ Washers prevent the tension rods from loosening
* Super Resonant Mounting System
* Newly designed lugs
* Walnut Shells + 1 outer ply Japanese Chestnut TT/FT/SD: 6ply 6mm, BD: 7ply 7mm
* Tip of Floor Tom legs feature a hollow, soft rubber construction which help absorb impact in a way that emphasizes the drum's natural resonance and sustain
* Quick-Lock Tom Brackets
* Chrome hardware
* Lacquer finish

22"x16" Bass Drum
10"x7" Tom Tom
12"x8" Tom Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom

*Snare, cymbals, drum mounting hardware and stands sold separately.