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Vito - L7168 ABS Bass Clarinet
Model: L7168
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Serial: 3418H
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Considered the best playing and most consistent student bass clarinet on the market, the Vito 7168 is free blowing, responsive and agile. The key mechanism is designed for smaller hands making it ideal for the school music program and the low Eb is mounted on the body as opposed to the bell.

Durable ABS Body: The body of the Vito 7168 bass clarinet is made of a high impact, ABS resin (Plastic) whose density is similar to wood in its sound. This body holds up well under even the most brutal student use.

Nickel Silver Keys: The nickel silver key work of the Vito 7168 is strong and resistant to bending. The special "student" design of this key work also fits well beneath the fingers of a young player.

Specially Designed Student Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of the Vito 7168 bass clarinet is designed to give the student clarinetist the best sound with as little embouchure change as possible. This mouthpiece promotes better center of tone and good embouchure habits.