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Mason & Hamlin
Model: Model A Grand
SKU: 59
Serial: A82430
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Condition: Used

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Sale Price: $16999.00

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Mason & Hamlin 5'8" Grand Piano

A piano with a great depth of sound, the Model A is widely considered to be the best grand piano under six feet in the world. Ideal for professional studios, conservatories and other institutions, yet suitable for the home.

If two words describe the Mason & Hamlin piano, they’re Quality and Durability. For over 160 years, these prize-winning instruments have been built by hand, of only the finest materials and according to time-honored designs and specifications. A new one of these pianos sells for over $80,000 which is why this is such an amazing deal!

Made in Boston, Massachusetts 1977

Price includes:
  • Bench
  • Free local delivery (1st floor)
  • 1 in house tuning
  • 5 year warranty