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The Rock Slide - BTRS-LB
Model: BTRS-LB
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The revolution continues with the Balltip Rock Slide. This slide features everything you've come to expect from a Rock Slide, the cutaway, tapered interior, excellent weight and comfort, but now in a lap/pedal steel-inspired ball tip.

Balltip Rock Slides have two notable features when compared to an original Rock Slide. First off is the very obvious ball nose which makes this a combo slide for use on a variety of other instruments like Dobro or Lap Steel. Secondly, the slide has 2 playing surfaces so one can either take advantage of the knuckle cut, or use the long side of the slides for greater string coverage. Size/Specs follow standard RS design but are slightly heavier & longer due to the added ball-tip.

This may be the one slide your resonator will NEVER leave home without.

21mm x 71mm
Ring Size: 10-12

19.5mm x 70mm
Ring Size 8.5-11

17.5mm x 57 mm
Ring Size: 7-9

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