Gear Hunter / RCF 12 Inch Coaxial Raw Speaker

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RCF 12 Inch Coaxial Raw Speaker
Model: 7503-YSL
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The CX12N351 is a top class coaxial design that provides an excellent frequency response linearity withvery low distortion. The CX12N351 is powered from an integrated high power neodymium magnetic structure that guarantee high dynamic and sensitivity for both components. The mid-bass section features a 3,5" inside-outside voice coil design that provides a very high power handling, especially in comparison to a standard 3" voice coil. Thanks to an integrated demodulation ring the mid-bass section gets a fastest time response and lower distortion. The compression driver use a 2.5" diaphragm with a 1.4" throat featuring several state of the art technologies. The diaphragm and suspension are formed from 0.05 mm thick pure titanium.

* 12 Inch Woofer - 8 Ohms
* 3.5-inch , fiberglass outside aluminum voice coil
* 900 Watt continuous program power handling
* 98.5 dB Sensitivity
* 50 Hz - 3.0 kHz Frequency range
* Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
* M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry
* Demodulation ring
* 2.5-inch Diaphragm, 1.4-inch Exit Throat/pure titanium compression driver
* 180 Watt Continuous program power handling
* Frequency range: 700Hz 20kHz
* One Speaker Only *