Gear Hunter / Korg - BEATLAB Mini Rhythm Trainer

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Korg - BEATLAB Mini Rhythm Trainer
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A metronome and rhythm trainer designed for the drummer and percussionist.
Develop your sense of rhythm with interactive training modes.

Rhythm practice using a metronome is indispensable for any musician, especially for the drummer and percussionist. In the past, rhythm practice has been excruciatingly dull and boring, consisting simply of striking a practice pad in time with a metronome. Furthermore, since you have only a subjective judgement as to whether or not your rhythm is correct, many players find it difficult to keep themselves motivated to practice.

That's where the BEATLAB mini comes in; it's a training tool that lets you practice rhythm more accurately and enjoyably. In addition to a versatile metronome function that includes a wide range of sounds, including human voice and real drum pattern sounds, this unit provides a training function that detects and evaluates the discrepancy between the metronome and the notes that you play. This means that you can develop a perfect sense of rhythm by using by treating rhythm training as if you were playing a game.