Gear Hunter / Marshall - JH1

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Marshall - JH1
Model: JH1
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Since we began in 1962, the Marshall name has been synonymous with high quality distortion tones. Initially, the way to get classic Marshall distortion was to naturally overdrive one of our valve amps by cranking it up to full volume. As time went by our Master Volume heads allowed the generation of more extreme levels of distortion as the pre-amp valves were driven into overdrive. Our first generation pedals simulated these various valve amp type distortion in convenient, cost effective stomp boxes. The Jackhammer is the next step on from previous Marshall distortion pedals.

The pedal contains our most extreme distortion levels to date, combined with a Contour section that allows you to not only scoop out the mids, but also choose the frequencies at which the scoop occurs. This means that you can tailor your sound to your own individual requirements. Although the Jackhammer has more aggression and gain than any other Marshall pedal, we never forget our heritage. The sounds contained are always natural and realistic, like a super high-gain valve head pushed to the max.

- O/D and Dist mode switch
- Volume/Gain control
- Bass/Treble control
- Contour Level/Countour Frequency

- Solid metal casing
- Passive bypass