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For the cellist venturing into the world of electric, this instrument offers the combination of design, performance and affordability exceeding any other instrument in its class. Compact and light (4.5 pounds!), the WAV cello is a pleasure to travel with, but in terms of features and performance, this instrument is no lightweight. True to the NS tradition, the WAV captures the essence of an acoustic, yet opens up an exciting range of new possibilities.

With electronics are fully based around the NS patented Polar Pickup System, the WAV provides amazingly natural cello tone, with freedom from feedback and wolf tones. Since 100% of the sound comes via the pickup, using looping and other electronic effects is easy and far more effective than with an amplified acoustic.

The body design allows effortless access to the full range of the fingerboard, and unparalleled freedom of movement on stage. The special asymmetrical fingerboard relief, a hallmark of all NS bowed electrics, provides extraordinary ease of playability from the lowest to the highest positions. To suit individual player preferences, the string heights can be modified via remarkably simple bridge height adjustment, and the fingerboard relief can be modified using the readily accessible two-way truss rod.

* NS electric strings and most traditional acoustic strings fit all NS cellos
* Adaptable to a nearly limitless range of music styles.
* Fully adjustable cello tripod stand can be used seated or standing
* Escutcheon pin on the neck comes standard (wooden neck heel is also available for installation)
* Visual appearance a striking as its sound

* Length: 94.2 cm (37")
* Width: 13.9 cm (5.5")
* Thickness: 9.4 cm (3.7")
* Weight: 4 string: 2 kg (4.5 lbs.) 5 string: 2.1 kg (4.7 lbs.)
* Scale length: 69.5 cm (27.36")
* Body/neck: solid, straight grain maple neck and body. Flame maple face on all colors: amberburst, transparent red, and transparent black.
* Fingerboard: asymmetrical fingerboard relief. Intonation referenced with cascading dot markers.
* Truss rod: two-way truss rod, accessible at neck.
* Tuning hardware: fully encased worm gear tuners, black finish.
* Stringing: 4 string tuning: c g d a. 5 string tuning: low f c g d a
* Strings: ns electric cello strings supplied; the ns is designed to fit and is compatible with most standard strings.
* Bridge pickup: the ns cello features the polar bridge-mounted piezo pickup system which responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).
* Electronics & controls: passive circuit with high impedance output, no batteries required. Rotary for volume, tone (treble roll off), 2-way toggle switch for polar pickup system.
* Optional accessories: cello end pin standboomerang strap system and the frame strap