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Electro-Harmonix - COCKFIGHT PLUS
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Electro-Harmonix unveils the new Cock Fight Plus which offers up the award-winning tone of the original Cock Fight in a rugged, lightweight pedal and with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism. The pedal features two distinct wah sounds as well as a switchable and adjustable fuzz tone.

The Wah toggle switch selects between the classic wah tones of the Crying Tone and the dual formant filter of the Talking Pedal, which creates vowel-like sounds. The Bottom control blends back in clean bass frequencies to beef up the low-end and make the wah sound more bass-friendly. The Volume control sets the master output level.

The Fuzz section features a three position toggle switch for Off, Pre-wah, and Post-wah settings. The Drive and Tone controls set the amount and overall brightness of the fuzz respectively. Bias controls the amount of bias voltage supplied to one of the transistors in the fuzz circuit and can create a full, saturated tone or a sputtering, gated fuzz sound.

The Cock Fight Plus uses a 9V battery or can be powered by an optional 9-volt AC adapter.

Quick Specs

- Great wah and talking pedal sounds
- Like getting three pedals in one: crying wah + talking wah plus a classic fuzz
- Use with or w/out the fuzz. Place the fuzz before the filter for a vintage vibe or after for a more modern sound
- Adjustable bias control takes the fuzz from "normal" to a classic "dying battery" sound
- 9 Volt battery included, also works with optional EHX 9.6 DC 200mA power supply (sold separately)
- Dimensions in inches: 9.92 (l) x 3.4 (w) x 3.0 (h)
- Dimensions in mm: 252.0 (l) x 87.0 (w) x 75.25 (h)