Gear Hunter / Yamaha Band - YFL222

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Yamaha Band - YFL222
Model: YFL222
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Serial: M81719
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The YFL-222 features closed-hole keys to allow your beginner flutist to enjoy learning to play the flute while facilitating proper hand position. Durable nickel silver construction and French pointed key arms make this the perfect beginner flute.


* A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms

* Closed-hole (Plateau) keys facilitate ease of playability for beginners

* Undercut and beveled embouchure hole is specifically designed for a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation

* Nickel-silver, power-forged keys are very durable and less susceptible to breakage

* Neoprene key bumpers are more durable than cork

* A unique footjoint alignment mark facilitates proper fitting by young players

* Student flutes come with a plastic case that will withstand the rigors of school use


Key: C
Body Style: Type-2
Body Material: Nickel Silver
Headjoint: CY Cut; Nickel Silver
Key Material: Nickel Silver
Footjoint: C
Plating: Silver
Tone Holes: Drawn
Key Types: French style; Plateau
Key System: Offset
Screw Type: Straight; Headed Pivot