Gear Hunter / Takamine - Draco & Ursa 2004 Limited Edition

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Takamine - Draco & Ursa 2004 Limited Edition
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Takamine - Draco & Ursa 2004 Limited Edition

"In 2004 Takamine released this ornate limited edition dreadnaught acoustic guitar, inlaid with a colourful depiction of Draco the Dragon and Ursa Major the Great Bear. The top is crafted from solid Sitka Spruce, the back and sides are Indian rosewood, and the fingerboard is a moody Ebony. Takamine's high-end electronics have been installed, the CT4B, which also has a built-in tuner. This guitar sounds as beautiful as it looks! There is some noticeable clouding in the finish on the headstock, a little less so on the back of the guitar. Comes with a quality hard case!" - Dillon at Mayfield