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Drum Workshop - DWCPMDD
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The MDD (Machined Direct Drive) pedal is the first-ever DW direct drive pedal and the only direct drive pedal on the market featuring Floating Rotor Technology™. The result is quick, smooth, responsive and yes, powerful.

Industry-standard bass drum pedals have always been a DW mainstay. The all-new MDD (Machined Direct Drive) Pedal is no exception. Jam-packed with a slew of drummer-friendly features, the MDD is machined from solid aluminum and is the result of years of painstaking design and engineering. The ultimate goal is to offer players unprecedented feel and versatility, whether they currently play a direct drive pedal, or not. In doing so, an Optimized Fulcrum Geometry linkage was developed to offer smooth, effortless action with just the right amount of beater throw. Other standard features include: a newly-designed, solid aluminum, perforated footboard with a contoured heel plate, interlocking Delta hinge, TBT(Threaded Bearing Technology) in the drive linkage and cam, Tri-Pivot swivel toe clamp, solid aluminum direct drive cam with pivot adjustment, VERT (Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment), Control beater with adjustable weight/impact, and more. With drummer-tailored feel and an advanced, high-tech build quality, the all-new DW Machined Direct Drive is destined to become The Drummer's Choice.

* Machined from solid aluminum; direct-drive cam with pivot adjustment
* Smooth, effortless action, courtesy of DW's innovative Fulcrum Geometry linkage
* Perforated solid-aluminum footboard with contoured heel plate
* Interlocking Delta hinge; Tri-Pivot swivel toe clamp
* Drive linkage and cam with Threaded Bearing Technology
* Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment
* Control beater with adjustable weight/impact