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Ludmila Dubceac - coordinator of the music lessons in Saskatoon South

Ludmila Dubceac

Lesson Coordinator
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Our Teachers:

Allan McPherson - Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Allan McPherson (Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds, Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Allan studied music and music education at Mount Allison University and the University of Victoria. He studied clarinet with Jean-Guy Boisvert, David Bourque, Keith MacLeod, and Patricia Kostek. He studied voice with Signi Murgatroyd, and he is currently studying with Garry Gable. Allan teaches flute up to an RCM grade 5 level, and saxophone and oboe up to RCM grade 3. Allan has over five years' experience as a public school teacher in BC and Alberta and a private music teacher in Saskatoon.
Rate: $27 per half hour

Brock Nielson - Drums music lessons in Saskatoon South

Brock Nielson (Drums) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Brock Neilson has been playing drums for over twelve years. He is an experienced teacher, performer and songwriter and has played drums for many different groups including Witherfire, Yeoman and Scripted Fiction. His expertise on the drums extends to rock, funk, soul, rap, country, worship and many other styles of music. His intent as a teacher is to instill a love of music in students and help them to achieve their goals as musicians.
Brock teaches drum lessons in Saskatoon at our 8th St. location.
Rate: $26 per half hour

Corina Ursuleac - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Corina Ursuleac (Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Corina comes from a musical family with her background in music starting through singing at a very young age. She has also been playing since she was very young, progressing through RCH, and continues to work on advanced levels. In addition to teaching, Corina shares her music by playing piano as an accompanist for vocal groups, string groups, playing solo pieces, and volunteering to play at churches. Corina also plays flute and enjoys playing in bands at school and flute quartets at church. Corina began her teaching as a substitute instructor at the 8th St Long and McQuade. She has taught students of various ages and skills, always aiming to provide a positive and comfortable learning experience. Corina teaches piano at our Saskatoon south location.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Elise Kuterbach - Guitar music lessons in Saskatoon South

Elise Kuterbach (Guitar) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Elise has been playing music for over 20 years, and the guitar for over 12 years. She has also worked in childcare for over 7 years--working in after school programming, summer camps, and in-school mentoring. Her goal is to make practicing fun and inspire students to love music.
Elise is a singer-songwriter and has experience with many styles of guitar--from pop, rock, jazz, funk, folk, country, R&B, and more. She plays both electric and acoustic and has a particular interest in live performing, stage presence, and storytelling.
She is excited to help you grow as a musician!
Elise teaches guitar lessons at our 8th St location.

Rate: $25 per half hour

Mina He - Violin music lessons in Saskatoon South

Mina He (Violin) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Mina grew up in a musical family, and learned about music through her grandpa who played yangqin/dulcimer and erhu for more than 50 years. She began playing violin when she was 6 years old, and holds her grade 8 RCM level for violin. She started her musical journey in Saskatoon Strings (SSTR), is currently a member of the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra (SYO), and continues to develop her own musicianship. She has performed countless times as a soloist, in orchestras, and in strings for shows, concerts, and musicals. She enjoys playing violin, and hopes to share what she has learned with others.
Mina teaches violin lessons at our Saskatoon South (8th Street) location.
Her rate is $25 per half hour

Oishik Khan - Drums music lessons in Saskatoon South

Oishik Khan (Drums) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Oishik is an ambitious musician being driven solely by his love of music. Growing up in a family of musicians, he has been learning music for almost his entire life. Since 2012 he has been accumulating knowledge from a variety of styles such as Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk, Country, Jazz, and has been putting it into his drums. He has diverse experience professionally recording, song writing, and performing in various bands/groups. Some of these bands include Fake Paradise, Kannon Fauder, LockJaw, and the UofS Jazz Ensemble. Oishiks hope as a teacher, is that his love for music can help nurture students and their growth, in a creative and positive learning environment.
Oishik teaches drum lessons at our Saskatoon south (8th St) location.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Samuel Boyd - Guitar, Piano, Brass music lessons in Saskatoon South

Samuel Boyd (Guitar, Piano, Brass) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Samuel Boyd has been involved in music since a very young age. He is currently working on a Bachelor of Music in Music Education at the University of Saskatchewan, majoring on the trumpet. Samuel has played and performed a variety of genres and styles throughout high school and university, particularly jazz and classical music. He enjoys sharing his musical knowledge, and hopes to help students grow as brass, piano, and guitar players.
Rate: $25 per half hour lesson.

Wagner Barbosa - Violin, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Wagner Barbosa (Violin, Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

The Brazilian violinist and pianist, Wagner Barbosa started his music studies playing the violin and the piano. He studied for six years at the Municipal Conservatory of Guarulhos, where he focused on the violin and music theory, and he got his Bachelor of Music in Performance with specialization in violin from the University of São Paulo in 2021. He teaches the violin for kids and adults since 2015 and has played in many different orchestras and ensembles, which got him to know and perform several different styles of music. Currently he is a Master Student from the Department of Music of the University of Saskatchewan, a member of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and part of Long & McQuade Lesson Center.
Rate: $26 per half hour