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Andrzej Ryszka - Drums music lessons

Andrzej Ryszka (Drums) Registration Request

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Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Family considerations brought Andrzej from Poland to Calgary in 1990, and he has maintained a thriving playing career on both continents ever since. His European work has won gold records, and in Canada he has toured with the Roadhammers, Tom Jackson, Lisa Brokop and Patricia Conroy. Andrzej is sought after as a studio musician, performer and teacher, and we are thrilled that he will be offering instruction through our studios. Andrzej offers lessons at the Calgary Chinook store and his rate is $30 per half hour.

Angel Selvarajah - Piano music lessons

Angel Selvarajah (Piano) Registration Request

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Available Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Angel specializes in teaching young beginners and has a passion for helping children reach their musical goals/dreams. She has completed the full RCM Piano/Theory certificate program, including the ARCT Analysis and History theory exams. Angel was involved in the Music Department as an instrumentalist and Piano Accompanist in High school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from York University, a Masters of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, and is also a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). Her rate is $28.00 per half-hour lesson.

Anna Beukes - Composition, Piano music lessons

Anna Beukes (Composition, Piano) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Classically trained, Anna Beukes has been playing piano for 15 years now. She has her level 8 RCM theory certification and currently attends The King's University to receive her Bachelor of Music degree. Anna believes that the best teachers are also students and as such she is often throwing herself into new experiences and environments. She composes often and engages with many different areas of music: playing in her university’s classical music season and recitals, as well as engaging in local band and music scenes.
Anna is dyslexic and is no stranger to learning disabilities as well as alternative forms of learning/teaching. She will work with all of her students to make sure they not only sound nice, but they understand what they are doing and feel confident in themselves and their music. Her rate is $26 per half hour.

Anthony James - Drums music lessons

Anthony James (Drums) Registration Request

Teaching Style: jazz, rock

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Anthony gives students the confidence to be creative while playing. His lessons are well structured to achieve success and show progress. He has toured across the country with many different bands and is an active musician working with many artists of varying genres. He has received the Brampton Arts Council Acclaim Award. Anthony is currently playing with several Juno & Coventry Award-winning Artists. His rate is $28.00 per half-hour lesson.

Anthony Kelly - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, music lessons

Anthony Kelly (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele,) Registration Request

Anthony Kelly studied at VCC Bachelor of Applied Music program as a classical guitar major and jazz/contemporary guitar minor. Anthony has also studied guitar under Canadian virtuoso guitarist and music producer, Dave Martone, where his primary focus has been in instrumental rock guitar of the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and fusion guitarist Greg Howe. Anthony is also influenced by Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), and Brian May (Queen) with newer influences by as Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. His rate is $28 per half hour lesson.

Anthony Merkel - Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano music lessons

Anthony Merkel (Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Wednesday, Sunday

Anthony Merkel is a student at the University of Regina, currently working on his Bachelor of Music in Tuba Performance. He started playing tuba at the age of 12, and has enjoyed participating in both community and university ensembles locally while also taking part in educational tuba institutes with top teachers of the continent and honor groups around the country. His main interests are symphonic tuba, modern solos, discovering effective fundamental routines, and occasionally jazz performance on both trombone and tuba. Aside from tuba, he also has a wide range of musical experience, including regularly singing in RSO choral concerts, achieving his Grade 9 RCM certificate in Piano, travelling the states in a barbershop chorus, and working at the university as an assistant marker for Theory I-IV. Anthony teaches brass (Wednesdays) and piano (Sundays) at the Regina store. His lesson rate is $25 per half-hour.

Anthony Rissesco - Violin, Fiddle, Viola music lessons

Anthony Rissesco (Violin, Fiddle, Viola) Registration Request

Teaching Style: , , ,

Anthony is a versatile violin player and teacher who has toured with award-winning singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant and with roots-rock band Pogey. As a member of the neo-traditional trio Papilio, Anthony garnered ECMA and Nova Scotia Music Awards nominations. He is also a member of the popular Halifax band The Gig Dogs and has played with Symphony Nova Scotia, Anne Murray, and Peggy Seeger. As a music student at Dalhousie University, Anthony studied classical violin under Phillippe Djokic. He has won fiddle competitions throughout Canada, including the Maritime Fiddle Championship. In 1990 Anthony came third in the Canadian Open in Ontario, and he was chosen to represent Nova Scotia at the Grand Masters Competition in Ottawa for six consecutive years. He has been an adjudicator at the Kiwanis Festival and has been teaching since 1989. Anthony's rate per 30-minute private lesson is $26.

Antoine Kosko-Fafard - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons

Antoine Kosko-Fafard (Guitar, Ukulele) Registration Request

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Antoine fait ses débuts à la guitare à l’âge de 12 ans. Ayant obtenu son DEC au Cégep de St-Laurent en technique d’interprétation jazz, il poursuit présentement ses études à l’UQAM en musique. Depuis l’année dernière, Antoine joue régulièrement avec le Groupe Backstage, qui spécialise dans le vieux Rock et le Country, dans des événements corporatifs et des festivals. Débutant en 2017 en tant que professeur de guitare, il est non seulement habile à jouer de la guitare acoustique et l’électrique, il est capable d’enseigner la guitare classique, la guitalélé et le ukulélé. Pour n’importe quel style, que vous soyez débutants ou avancés, il saura vous transmettre sa passion et ses connaissances avec bonne humeur et patience.

Tarif pour un cours privé de 30 minutes: 25$
Langues enseignées: Français et Anglais


Antoine made his guitar debut at the age of 12. Having obtained his DEC at Cégep de St-Laurent in jazz interpretation technique, he is currently pursuing his studies in music at UQAM. Since last year, Antoine has been playing regularly with the Backstage Group, which specializes in Old Rock and Country, at corporate events and festivals. Starting in 2017 as a guitar teacher, he is not only skilled at playing acoustic and electric guitar, he is also able to teach classical guitar, guitalele and ukulele. For any style, whether you are beginners or advanced, he will be able to transmit his passion and knowledge with good humour and patience.

Rate for a 30-minute private lesson: 25$.
Languages taught: French and English

Archer Schick - Drums music lessons

Archer Schick (Drums) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Saturday

Archer Schick (he/him) has shown a passion for music since a very early age. He began taking drum lessons at Long & McQuade at the age of six. After enrolling in the Rock Skool program at Long & McQuade, he developed a love for performance. Archer is currently in grade 11 where he is a part of his school’s concert and jazz bands. He is well-versed in rock, metal, funk, Latin, and many other styles. He is currently studying jazz. In 2023, he was selected for the Saskatchewan Band Association’s Honour Jazz Band. Archer’s teaching methods focus on the interests of the student while encouraging creativity, and aim to develop proper technique, a good ear, an understand of music theory, and a wide-ranging musical vocabulary. Archer teaches at the Regina store. His rate is $25 per half-hour.

Arthur Delahooke - Drums, music lessons

Arthur Delahooke (Drums,) Registration Request

Arthur is currently completing his Bachelor of Applied Music Degree at VCC, with a major in Drums and Performance and a minor in Composition. He has had the privilege of studying with some of Vancouver's best drummers including Bernie Arai, Craig Scott, Liam MacDonald, and has studied composition with Paul Plimley and Alan Matheson. A busy musician, Arthur currently plays in four bands and performs in greater Vancouver. His rate is $29/half hour.

Arvon Brunt - Voice, Piano, music lessons

Arvon Brunt (Voice, Piano,) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Arvon studied at VIU and has performed throughout the Cowichan Valley and Nanaimo, and her work was behind the musical success of the Nanaimo Theatre Group’s productions of Godspell and Cabaret. Arvon is brimming with enthusiasm for teaching and she brings out the very best in those who work with her.
Her rate is $29 per half hour.

Ashley Meadows - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone music lessons

Ashley Meadows (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) Registration Request

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University where she studied flute under Paolo Bortolussi. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Simon Fraser University and is a certified public school teacher. Currently, she teaches music and band at elementary and secondary schools across the city. She has played in ensembles such as marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands, and chamber ensembles. She believes in cultivating a love and passion for music in her students and creating an engaging environment where students can learn their own way. Her rate is $28 per half hour.

Austin Latta - Piano, Theory, Brass music lessons

Austin Latta (Piano, Theory, Brass) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Austin is an experienced piano, brass and theory teacher who believes that fun is an important ingredient in developing a love for music! He has taught all ages of students in many places around the world in various languages — including Swahili in Kenya and Portuguese-Creole in the Cape Verde islands — and just can't help teaching music wherever he goes! He has studied music at the University of Toronto and Ambrose University in Calgary and has performed with his trombone across Canada. He enjoys playing jazz with Calgary's own Prime Time Big Band. With a love of teaching children and an easy-going teaching style regardless of age, one of Austin's greatest priorities is creating a meaningful, personal connection with each individual student. Austin offers lessons at the Calgary Chinook store and her rate is $30 per half hour.

Avery Dakin - Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Songwriting, Composition music lessons

Avery Dakin (Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Songwriting, Composition) Registration Request

Teaching Style: classical, rock

Available Day(s): Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Avery Dakin is a composer, singer-songwriter, band leader, and multi-instrumentalist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Acadia University, and has been teaching since graduating in 2018. Her passions lie in finding the elements of music-making that interest each individual student across genres and styles, and supporting young musicians in their musical journeys with fun and exploration at the forefront. In 2021 Avery won bronze in The Coast’s Best-Of Halifax Awards for Best New Artist, and this year has been nominated for Best Songwriter and Best R&B Artist after releasing her debut album, "Bloom". Avery also works as a supporting keyboard player and vocalist for other local artists and bands. Her lesson rate is $25/30 minutes.

Avery Hesse - Piano music lessons

Avery Hesse (Piano) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Avery Hesse (she/her) has been a student of Long and McQuade for over ten years. She has been studying piano for many years and holds her RCM level 8 for piano and theory. Avery enjoys a wide range of classical repertoire as well as more contemporary styles of music from video games, movies, and various internet media. She also enjoys popular music along with arranging.
Avery has consistently participated in recitals and music festivals during her piano studies. She looks forward to sharing her enjoyment of music with her students.

Avery is currently offering online video lessons for the Regina store, and will be returning to in-person lessons as of July. Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Avrey Ferguson-Donaldson - Piano, Theory music lessons

Avrey Ferguson-Donaldson (Piano, Theory) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Avrey has been playing the piano for seventeen years and has taught for many years. He specializes in helping students navigate the Royal Conservatory of Music’s vast curriculum. Avrey has led his students to
participate in the Kiwanis Festival, many of whom were award recipients. He understands the challenge of learning a musical discipline and has the experience and skill set to support students in achieving their performance goals. Avrey strives to find a balance between challenging his students and providing a fun and memorable lesson experience. His teaching style focuses on reasonable goals and practice schedules, and includes games and rewards where appropriate. Avrey's private Lesson Rate is $28/half hour.

Behrooz Mihankhah - Piano music lessons

Behrooz Mihankhah (Piano) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Tuesday, Friday

Behrooz Mihankhah is a Canadian-Iranian composer, piano player and songwriter born in Tehran, Iran. He started his musical career after moving to India in 2007, touring across the country as a singer-songwriter and keyboard player for various projects. Behrooz holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from StFX University and his exposure to various Iranian and Indian cultural and musical traditions combined with his love of Jazz has informed his compositional style and song writing approach. Since moving to Halifax, Nova Scotian in 2015 he has been involved in multiple projects including Open Borders, LaZeez and Superfluid. Lessons with Behrooz are $26 per 30 minute lesson.

Ben Buchanan - Drums, Guitar, Ukulele music lessons

Ben Buchanan (Drums, Guitar, Ukulele) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Ben earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (Major in Music) from Mount Allison University where he took classes on Theory, History, Composition, Analysis, Arranging, Methods and Teaching. He began taking drum lessons at the age of 12 and then took bass and guitar shortly after. He began teaching in 2015 and has been teaching drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, song writing and production techniques all over the maritimes. Ben plays rock, metal, acoustic, fusion and electronica and acts as composer and producer for various musical projects. Ben loves discussing writing techniques, production and advanced music theory concepts. His rates are $23 per half hour session.

Ben Darwin - Drums music lessons

Ben Darwin (Drums) Registration Request

Available Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Ben studied at VIU and received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz. Accepting all skill levels from beginner to advanced, Ben teaches skills and techniques that are both enjoyable and fulfilling in a variety of different styles. His rate is $28 per half hour.

Ben Lafitte - Guitar, Piano music lessons

Ben Lafitte (Guitar, Piano) Registration Request

Teaching Style: jazz, rock

Available Day(s): Thursday, Saturday

Ben Lafitte is a guitar, piano, bass player, and songwriter, with close to a decade of musical experience. He recently completed the NSCC Music Arts program, majoring on the guitar. There, he studied theory, songwriting, and performance, while receiving individual guitar lessons. His teaching style is flexible and emphasizes the importance of finding a balance needed for each student to be engaged and having fun with the music, while also building up a strong foundation of necessary skills. He mainly specializes in rock, jazz, and funk styles, but is happy to work with musicians with any background, experience level, and musical preference. Ben is $25 per half hour lesson.