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F-Bass Custom Shop VF 4-String - Daphne Blue

SKU: 19 Model: VF4-J-M-AL-DB-G
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F-Bass Custom Shop VF 4-String - Daphne Blue
F-Bass Custom Shop VF 4-String - Daphne Blue 2
F-Bass Custom Shop VF 4-String - Daphne Blue 3

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Introducing the F Bass VF Series: A Vintage Vibe Masterpiece
Elevate your musical journey with the F Bass VF Series, a masterfully crafted one-off custom shop instrument that exudes vintage charm while offering contemporary excellence. Designed for the discerning musician, this bass is a testament to our passion for vintage Fender instruments, meticulously infused with F Bass DNA, premium materials, and cutting-edge components. With a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and unparalleled customer support, your quest for the perfect bass just got easier.

Key Features:

  • Alder Body with a Maple Fingerboard

  • Daphne Blue Finish with Matching Blue Shell Pickups

  • 21 Frets and Face Dots for Precise Playability

  • 34" Scale Length for Rich Tonal Resonance

  • 19mm Bent Plate Bridge Ensures Optimal Stability

  • Aguilar Pickups Crafted with Heavy Formvar Wire and Alnico V Magnets

  • F Bass Gigbag Included

Vintage Vibe, Modern Precision:

The VF Series captures the timeless aura and tonal richness of the '60s and '70s industry staples while infusing the wisdom of over 50 years of instrument craftsmanship. We understand the challenges of hunting for the perfect vintage bass, which can be costly and time-consuming. Our design philosophy is rooted in love for the originals, ensuring vintage enthusiasts feel right at home.

Aguilar Pickups:

The Aguilar pickups, handmade in New York, are our favorite vintage reproductions. With Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets, they deliver the iconic vintage tones you crave. The P-60 pickup is big, round, and rich, while the J-HC pickups offer hum-cancelling technology without sacrificing that coveted vintage single-coil tone.

Handcrafted Preamp:

Our preamps are meticulously handcrafted in Hamilton, utilizing discrete components, not over-engineered IC chips. This approach creates a transparent, uncolored sound that lets your instrument's inherent tone shine through. The 3-band preamp offers precise control over Bass Boost, Mid Boost, and Treble Boost, making it a versatile tool for tonal exploration in any gigging environment. A low-draw 9V preamp ensures approximately 500 hours of play, and if your battery runs out mid-gig, simply engage passive mode with the passive tone control.

Perfect Balance and Performance:

We've meticulously considered the weight and balance of every component, resulting in an instrument that feels commanding and avoids neck-dive. The VF Series clocks in at the ideal weight for each configuration, giving you a solid, professional feel that enhances the low end and midrange punch. The curved treble horns provide superior comfort in the seated position and effortless access to the fingerboard's end.

Elevate your playing experience with the F Bass VF Series. It's a one-off custom shop instrument that combines the best of vintage vibes and modern precision, delivering exceptional tone, playability, and comfort. Unleash your musical potential with an instrument that celebrates the essence of the past while embracing the demands of the present. Your journey to "The One" just got smoother.