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Tech 21 - T21-YYZ

SKU: 704844 Model: T21-YYZ Serial: 922925
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Tech 21 - T21-YYZ
Tech 21 - T21-YYZ 2

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The SansAmp YYZ offers Geddy's core sound and the versatility for many different styles in a super-compact pedal.

* All analog SansAmp technology enables you to record directly and enhance previously recorded tracks. For live performances, the YYZ can drive a power amp and speakers, augment your existing amplifier set-up, or run directly into the mixer of a PA system.
* Mix control to blend the ratio of high-end studio clean and dirty bass tube amp tones.
* Tight button to add definition to your notes in cleaner settings and make distorted tones snappier.
* Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive, similar to when the output section of a tube amp is being pushed.
* Active 3-band EQ.
* Master volume.
* Operable with 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply (Tech 21 model #DC2, #DC4 or #DC9).