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Yamaha Band - YTR9335NYSIII

SKU: 718963 Model: YTR9335NYSIII Serial: D54819
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Yamaha Band - YTR9335NYSIII
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Yamaha Band - YTR9335NYSIII 3
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The YTR-9335NYS-III Xeno Artist Model "New York" Bb trumpet has been updated for 2019 in close cooperation with Robert Sullivan of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and David Bilger of the Philadelphia Orchestra. All materials and parts have been thoroughly reviewed, and construction refined to deliver unprecedented balance and performance. New York series trumpets include first class features from leadpipe to bell and everything in between.

Malone Leadpipe
Utilizing a leadpipe that is thicker than current designs, an original style Malone Pipe, and a lighter mouthpiece receiver, Yamaha has achieved improved tone and response while providing the performer with ideal blowing resistance. A finger hook that is not soldered to the leadpipe is provided. You will hear and feel the difference in tone quality and response.

Valve Casing
Based on new findings acquired through research into vintage trumpets, the dimensions and thickness of parts of the valve casing have been revised for the 2019 model. The refined valve casing and lightweight pistons work together to deliver significantly improved response for even greater clarity in detailed passages.

* Refined valve casing and lightweight pistons
* Square main tuning slide that provides enhanced feel and playability
* French bead bell design
* Thick-wall Malone leadpipe
* Includes Yamaha Slide stopper to prevent slides from moving
* Includes hard case and mouthpiece

Key: Bb
Bell Material: One-Piece, Yellow Brass
Bell Diameter: 123mm (4-7/8")
Bore Size: ML 11.65mm (0.459")
Weight: Heavy
Finish: Silver Plated
Case: Hard Case (Included)