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Traynor - BLOCK12

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Traynor - BLOCK12
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The Traynor Block12 keyboard combo amplifier delivers 200 Watts of clean power into a specially optimized 12-inch speaker/horn combination.

Four input channels allow direct connection to stereo keyboards, laptops, electronic drums, sound modules and microphones, making it the most compact mixer/speaker solution in the Traynor line. A handy link function allows two Block12 amplifiers to be connected for stereo operation with double the input channels.

Designed for maximum versatility, the Block12 uses a combination box design that allows the cabinet to operate in an upright position for small PA applications, or in a wedge format for use as a monitor. A solid plywood cabinet construction, black carpet covering, and a curved, perforated all-metal grille ensure unmatched long-term reliability. Integrated standmount adaptor allows the Block12 to be used on a standard speaker stand for added versatility.


* Four Channel Integrated Mixer
* XLR, TRS -inch and TRS 1/8th -inch Inputs
* 200 Watts
* 12-Inch Woofer / 1-inch Horn
* XLR Balanced DI Output
* Stereo Link Out for Stereo Operation and Expansion (when used with another Block12 Amplifier)
* Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
* Wedge Design for Monitor Applications
* Integrated Standmount Adaptor
* Made in Canada