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Yorkville - AP4K

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Yorkville - AP4K

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Capable of delivering 1800 watts per channel into either a 2 or 4 ohm load, Yorkville Sound's new AudioPro AP4K uses proven Class-H technology and advanced protection circuitry to provide unmatched long term reliability in the field.

An impedance mode switch on the back panel of the amplifier allows the user to select full output power into either a two or four ohm load for maximum application flexibility. This means this compact two rack space amplifier can deliver up to 3600 watts of clean, pure power into either 4 or 8 ohm loads (bridged), making it a perfect solution for virtually any touring live sound, club system or installation.

The internal signal path has been optimized and a toroidal transformer is used in the AP4K design - both serving to reduce hum and noise in practical real-world applications. It's three-tier Class-H design approaches efficiency normally associated with Class-D technology; yet provides the superior transient response and low distortion of the best analog designs.


* Delivers 1800 watts per channel into either 2 or 4 ohm load
* (3600 watts bridged into 4 or 8 ohms)
* Proven Ultra Reliable Class-H Design
* Easily Handles Reactive Phase Shifted Loads
* Advanced Protection Schemes Including DC Current, Load, Thermal & Breaker Protection
* Transparent User-Defeatable Peak Limiter Circuits
* Soft Turn-On Circuit Protects Speakers and Prevents Nuisance Breaker Tripping During Power Up
* Concise Front Panel Metering and Status LED's
* Speakon and Binding Post Outputs
* Balanced XLR and -inch TRS Inputs
* Removable Standard 3-Prong Power Cord
* All-Steel Chassis Construction
* Made in Canada

Amplifier class: Class-H
Continuous Average Power @ 8 Ohms BCD (Watts): 600 (x2)(2ohm mode)/1000 (x2)(4ohm mode)
Continuous Average Power @ 4 Ohms BCD (Watts): 1000 (x2)(2ohm mode)/1800 (x2)(4ohm mode)
Continuous Average Power @ 2 Ohms BCD (Watts): 1800 (x2) (2ohm mode)/ NA in 4ohm mode
Continuous Average Power Bridged BCD (Watts): 3600 @ 4 ohms /3600 @ 8 ohms
Burst Average Power @ 8 Ohms BCD(Watts): 1000 (x2)(2ohm mode)/1800 (x2)(4ohm mode)
Burst Average Power @ 4 Ohms BCD (Watts): 1800 (x2)(2ohm mode)/3500 (x2)(4ohm mode)
Burst Average Power @ 2 Ohms BCD (Watts): 2500 (x2)(2ohm mode)/ NA
Burst Average Power Bridged BCD (Watts): 5000 @ 4 ohms / 7000 @ 8 ohms
Frequency Response (Hz, +/- 1dB): 20-20,000
Hum and Noise (un / Aweighted -dB): -100/ -115
THD -1kHz- 4 OHMS: 0.01
THD - 20Hz-20kHz, 4 Ohms: less than 0.1%
Slew Rate (V/uS): 25
Slew Rate Bridged (V/uS): 50
Damping Factor (30 Hz - 400 Hz @ 8 Ohms): 600
Crosstalk (1kHz / 20Hz-20kHz): -75 / -60 dB
Input Impedance - Bal/Unbal (Ohms): 10,000/5,000
Input Sensitivity (Vrms) For Full Power Out: 1.0V (2ohm mode) / 1.4V(4ohm mode)
Max Voltage Gain (dB): 36
CMRR @ 60Hz (min/typ): 48/56 dB
Stereo / Bridge (S/B): S/B
Protection: DC, Load, Thermal
Limiter: Peak
High Pass Filter: 50Hz, 18dB Octave
Cooling: Internal Fans
Cooling Path: Front to Rear
Inputs - XLR: 2
Inputs - 1/4" Jacks: 4
Outputs - Speakon 4-pin: 2
Outputs - Binding Post: 2
Power Consumption (typ/max): 1130/1800 Watts
Rack Spaces: 2
Transformer Type: Toroidal
Exterior Finish: Baked, Black Painted
Dimensions (DWH /D fm ears, inches): 16.5 x 17.3 x 3.5 x 14.9
Dimensions (DWH /D fm ears, cm): 41.5 x 43.9 x 8.9 x 37.85
Weight (lbs / kg): 41 / 18.5