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Meinl Mb10 20" Medium Ride

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The Mb10 Ride Cymbal has the ultimate balance of bright stick definition with pure tone and glassy ping. The big sized sweet-spot bell offers a penetrating loud sound.

How did Meinl get a totally clean modern sound with no weird overtones? Simple--they started with the right alloy. One that no one else uses. Then shaped it into a cymbal with overlapped hammering and ultra-fine lathing. Add to that their two-step high-polish process. And then you have the warm crisp sound of Mb10, with a mirror-like finish. The Meinl Mb10 series is made in Germany using B10 bronze alloy. Good for metal, punk, alternative, country, rock and pop.

- B10 bronze alloy
- Innovative concept
- High-tech computerized hammering
- Cutting yet warm sound