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MXR - M306

SKU: 768406 Model: M306 Serial: ac57t338
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The MXR Poly Blue Octave brings modern and classic pitch-shifting styles together with fuzz and modulation to create the ultimate octave pedal for tonecrafters and sonic seekers.

The Poly Blue Octave features four separate octave divisions - one octave down, two octaves down, one octave up, and two octaves up - and you get to control the level of each in the mix. Each is polyphonic by default, which means they sound just as amazing with chords as they do with single note passages. Your dry signal gets its own level control, as well, so you can dial in the perfect blend of pitch-shifted tones.

The Poly Blue Octave comes equipped with an unruly fuzz that's inspired by the classic MXR Blue Box™ Fuzz. Applied to all five signals, the fuzz volume can be adjusted using the Dry knob after pressing and holding the Fuzz button. When used with the sub-octave signals, the fuzz sounds thick and subterranean. Over the higher pitched signals, the fuzz is searing and synth-like. Run them all at the same time for a choir of thunder and lightning.

For infusing your octave tones with an alluring sense of motion, from thick and syrupy to frenzied and frantic, the Poly Blue Octave features a dual-mode modulation effect. In polyphonic mode, the effect provides an uncanny simulation of the famous Leslie effect, and while In monophonic mode, it provides classic swirls and swooshes inspired by the Phase 90. Like the fuzz effect, the modulation applies to all five signals when engaged. The Mod knob adjusts the rate of the effect - when you want it off, just roll the Mod knob back fully counterclockwise.

Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 100 Ω
Maximum Input Level: +5 dBV
Noise Floor: -97 dBV
Current Draw: 265 mA
Power Supply: 9 volts DC