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Yamaha - MG24/14FX

SKU: 171036 Model: MG24/14FX Serial: 21JX01733
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The Yamaha MG mixers are built for great sound, total control, and superior reliability. In fact, they undergo the same rigorous quality and reliability tests as Yamaha's world-class PM-series mixing consoles. But, by taking full advantage of the latest Yamaha technology and manufacturing techniques, they have been able to pack these superlative mixers with more value than you'll find anywhere else. In short, they offer extraordinary performance and mixing power at remarkable prices!

If your application is live sound reinforcement you'll want all the channel capacity you can get - just in case. Vocal mics, instrument mics, stereo keyboards, direct-injection feeds, drum mics, and the rest can add up very quickly. With 24 input channels MG24/14FX is ready to handle all but the most ambitious sound-reinforcement setups. And with dual SPX digital effect systems on-board you won't need racks of outboard gear to get the sound you need. There's also a comprehensive range of group and auxiliary busses to make even complex mixes easy!

The MG24/14FX has 16 mono microphone/line channels and offers four stereo line channels in addition to the mono mic/line channels. All 16 mic preamps in the MG24/14FX are of exemplary quality. They offer low-noise, transparent amplification with the widest possible range of dynamic and condenser microphones, which adds up to cleaner, better-sounding mixes. All mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones. Phantom power is switchable in 8-channel groups.

24 input channels.
16 mic + 4 stereo line inputs.
14 Busses (Stereo, 4 Groups, 6 Aux, 2 FX).
Low noise, high precision mic preamps.
Phantom power switches & insert I/O.
3-band channel EQ (mid sweep) & HPF.
Illuminated ON/OFF switches.
Dual SPX Digital Effects.
Sweepable LPF for Mono Out.
Talkback input.