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FZ-5: Fuzz

A Distorted Blast from the Past

The FZ-5 is a modern pedal built for the modern guitarist, but the sounds you can get from the FZ-5 are pure retro. Looking back at the glorious rock sounds of the 60s and 70s, the FZ-5 recreates its vintage fuzz through BOSS state-of-the-art COSM technology. Recall the fuzz-filled flavors of classic pedals, such as the Maestro FZ-1A, Fuzz Face and Octavia pedals, and kick em into overdrive with the FZ-5s Boost knob. BOSS proprietary COSM technology allows guitar players to recreate classic fuzz BOOST control for more aggressive tone. The FZ-5 is the perfect weapon for players wanting to beef up their rigs with classic retro fuzz artillery.

Vintage sounds inspired by famous fuzz pedals of the 60s and 70s
Uses advanced COSM technology to recreate classic fuzz
BOOST control for more aggressive tone
Road-tough BOSS metal construction