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MatrixBrute is a powerful analog monophonic synthesizer offering three Brute oscillators, a Steiner-Parker filter and a ladder filter, five analog effects, and the incredible modulation matrix. Designed to be flexible and fun to use, evocative and awe inspiring, and most importantly, a world-class musical instrument; the MatrixBrute gives you the depth you need to design and keep inspired for years to come.

MaxiBrute is a synthesizer with the flexibility of a modular but at the same time it is intuitive and programmable for the live and studio musician. 1:1 knob and button interface for ease of use; pure analog sound with the fattest oscillator in the industry; two filters based on the original designs of Dr. Bob and Nyle Steiner, but taken to new levels; real analog delay effects on the output and the eye catching matrix modulation. MaxiBrute offers tons of connections so you can work in any set-up and it brings a quality keybed and a solid chassis. All these features and more add up to create a landmark electronic music platform.

The heart of the MatrixBrute is its unique modulation matrix that allows you to create your own routings. You can invent a sound palette of your own that will be sure to be heard in any mix! The matrix can also be used to recall your presets. So go on stage, and select any of the 256 presets instantly! No menus or awkward selection screens, everything is at your fingertips. As if it was not enough, the matrix is also made to program and play sequences. This is no ordinary step-sequencer. With its ability to also be used as a modulation source, sounds evolve in melody and texture, just the way you want.


* Analog Matrix Synthesizer
* 256 Preset memory locations

* 2 Analog Exponential VCOs: Saw + UltraSaw, Square +Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer, Sub
* 1 Analog Linear VCO/LFO: Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine waveforms; LFO time divisions; Key track
* VCO 2 > 1 Hard Sync
* Audio Mod: VCO1 > 2 ; VCO1 < VCO3 > VCO2 ; VCF 1 < VCO3 > VCF 2 ; VCF1 < Noise > VCF2

* Noise Generator: White ; Pink ; Red ; Blue noise types

* 5 input Audio Mixer with Filter routing
* Steiner Parker filter with 12 and 24 db per octave modes ; Drive ; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch
* Ladder filter with 12 and 24 db per octave modes ; Drive ; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass modes

* 2 LFOs: Sine, Tri, Square, Ramp, Saw, Random, S&H

* 3 Envelope Generators
2 Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
1 Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

16x16 Matrix modulation panel
* 4 user assignable destinations
* Data dial sets the amount of modulation for each cross point on the matrix
* 64 step sequencer
STEP enable, Slide, Accent, Modulation
Save and recall sequence patterns on the fly
* Preset recall: 256 on-board preset memory locations

* Analog Effects: Stereo delay, Delay, Flanger, Chorus, Analog Reverberator

* Arpeggiator

* External Audio In
* 12 CV / Gate Inputs/Outputs
* Audio Input, Line or Instrument level
* Stereo audio output
* MIDI and USB I/O

* Pedal inputs for Expression and Sustain

Box contents
- MatrixBrute unit
- Power cord

Size & weight
Dimensions: 33.8 x 17 x 4.2 inches (860 x 432 x 107mm)
Weight : 44 lbs. (20 Kg)